4 Best Technologies used in 2017

No matter the pace of moving society is slower or wherever, Technologies is growing so quickly and day by day making ease in our life. Nowadays we can’t imagine living without few things that even come in our hands a few years back. If we even think about it will panic us.  Technologies have a huge impact on our lives and it changes our lives massively.

Technology that has a huge impact on almost an every single person life is Smartphone. Smartphone own most of the people. It is the most personal computer ever been created; now we will take a look at what else a human should own in this days and age. These are the 4 most innovative technologies that you would have used in 2017.

1. AirPods

Apple AirPods is one of best invention of Apple. It looks like Bluetooth headset. But it’s so far better than Bluetooth headset. When you will get to know about its feature and how it could make your life easier if you love to listen to music.

As apple other products it’s so comfortable, simpler and thinner. Its portable and you can charge it when you are not using AirPods. The sound quality is as good as they look good.

Whenever you will wear them music will start playing and the time you take out of your ear the music will be a pause. The time when you put it back the music will be resuming. You can share your AirPods with your partner, friends and listen to music together and adore it. You can answer calls through your AirPods.  AirPods were worth to buy in 2017 and we are sure you loved it.

2. Amazon Echo

There are so many imitators in the market. However, you have to choose the best amongst all and the Amazon echo is the best smart home device out.  Amazon echo should deserve to be in your home because it is simple and easy to use. You have to just connect it to a Wi-Fi and use it through Alexa App.

It can hear you from any room of your hose and it can do a lot of incredible work for you like can read a newspaper for you, make a call for you and play music for you. It can do all the simplest work for you. Because the simpler it is, then the easier it will use. If you once used it, you can’t imagine a life without it.

3. Smart Garage Door Opener

Garage door opener can be so difficult if you have not the right one. If you have one with a remote that it could be uncooperative and unsafe for you sometimes like if you reached your home and you can’t find your door remote and sometimes you could not find it.  But chamberlain’s garage opener is the best choice because you only have to touch the device from anywhere and your garage door will be open.

4. PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 is one of the best devices so far. You can find so many games over the internet and play it. The best part about it you can play against other people too. All the best games you can only play it on play station 4.  It also has a one good point is that with other hardware devices you can play.

You can listen to music through Spotify with your own list while playing the game. You can even stream different apps like Netflix, Amazon and so on. You just have to download it. It is a console with full entertainment you can even use it with some TV streaming.

Written by Mike T.