The Acer Swift 3 is now not only a single pc design. This one is pretty one-of-a-kind to the Acer quick 3 we reviewed remaining 12 months.

It has a fifteen.6in display screen and, most interesting of all, an AMD Ryzen CPU with Vega photos in preference to the same old Intel chips. In case you’re after a sub-£800 aluminum laptop with a large screen, the swift 3 SF315 is a strong choice. Battery existence and the display’s shade depth could be better.




The maximum thrilling model of the Acer fast three is the cheapest. The variety starts at £499 (presently discounted to £449 from Acer), and for that, you get a middle i3 CPU and 128GB SSD. That gained fulfill everyone, but it’s not too frequently we see all-metal laptops with complete HD IPS displays and keyboard backlights at this fee.

It could not be genuinely reasonably-priced, but it is a bit of a good deal simplest rivaled by means of previous-technology laptops you might see selling for reduced-price rates online.

Acer dispatched us a slightly more high-priced rapid three, although. It has a middle i5 CPU and 256GB SSD. However this has the older sixth-generation middle processor and you can get the modern day version – component code NX.GKBEK.008 – which has a 7th-gen chip and fees £649.99 from Acer. It’s an honest-priced improve.

But, the guarantee for all swift 3s is simplest for one year and you need to go back it to Acer at your own price. It truly is much less handy than one which includes the laptop being picked up and again for you.



The fast three is one of the most inexpensive “all-steel” laptops around. On this feel, it is even a step up from the high-quality Acer S 13, which has a plastic lid. one of the only non-metal parts on a show other than the keyboard keys is the black a part of the hinge you see while the usage of the laptop. It’s a totally smooth-searching, stripped-lower back computer. There aren’t any flashy textures or gildings to make it immediately recognizable, and the black hinge detracts from the all-metallic appearance a bit, but it’s fairly attractive regardless.

Acer also makes a gold version of the fast 3, and judging by way of pix online, the 2-tone black/gold appearance may surely paintings better in that finish.

Now it is time to peer whether or not there are any obvious cut corners in the build made to get the charge as little as it is. Apparent things you don’t need encompass a keyboard that flexes underneath the pressure of your fingers, wide seams and a casing so bendy the trackpad clicker stops running when the laptop isn’t on a flat floor. We’ve seen some of these issues in laptops more expensive than the speedy 3.

Acer has nailed it, although. The Acer swift 3 stays rigid even if held simply by means of one part and the keyboard are remarkably stiff. At the same time as the underside seam isn’t Apple-grade best, there are not any traumatic gaps. We’re inspired.

There are only a few obvious signs and symptoms this is a mid-variety laptop layout instead of an excessive-give up one. The fast 3 is best reasonably skinny and mild. It weighs 1.5kg, that’s mild sufficient to hold around in a bag all day, however not extraordinary whilst some 13in laptops now weigh under a kilogram. Further, 18mm thickness is slim but no longer extremely-slender with the aid of present-day requirements, no matter Acer calling it an Ultrabook.

We’d recommend no longer getting too wrapped-up in those figures if you’re on a price range. The speedy three nevertheless receives you the important thing blessings of an ultraportable: moving it from room to room doesn’t take plenty effort and you may convey it around every day without earning shoulder pain.

The opposite sign this is a cheaper model is the aluminum finish. It’s shinier and coarser than a MacBook, which appears much less pretty when it catches the light.



Similar to the trackpad, the screen is exquisite in a few respects but also well-known shows the fast three’s lower-rate repute. We’ll start with the good and finish with the horrific.

This display is much better than that of a MacBook Air as it makes use of a complete HD IPS panel. It’s pretty sharp and doesn’t have issues with assessment shift from any perspective. almost all center i-series laptops inexpensive than this nevertheless use TN screens, which actually do now not look anywhere close to as first-class because of individual adjustments after transferring your viewing angle with the aid of just a few tiers.

Evaluation is also outstanding. At 1051:1, it’s higher than a whole lot of £one thousand+ laptops. This makes the Acer swift 3 look punchy, with deep blacks.

The display screen has a matt end, which makes it plenty higher at handling reflections than a sleek one. It’s now not a touchscreen, however, the hinge folds a complete one hundred eighty ranges, so has every other kind of flexibility. The hinge even opens without causing the base to lift, a touch of sophistication uncommon in sub-£one thousand laptops.

A smooth display end might have been a major mistake due to the fact most brightness is pretty negative at 195cd/m2. Shiny laptops manipulate 350cd/m2, so the quick three simply is quite dim

From our revel in its brilliant enough to get with the aid of, the alternative display traits mitigating. We weren’t left wishing for more brightness indoors, with 50-60 in keeping with cent is doing the trick, but it’s worth thinking about in case you’ll be running outdoors inside the summertime loads.

The opposite weak point is shade. Covering just 55.6 percent off the sRGB general and 38.6 of Adobe RGB, it’s not robust sufficient for photo retouching or virtual artwork at a pro or semi-pro stage.

We had been barely surprised the effects have been pretty this awful because the Acer rapid three seems flawlessly first-class to our eyes, no doubt way to the solid decision, top-notch assessment and IPS panel tech. but, analyzing it greater carefully it does fail to supply the deeper pink tones pretty particularly.



All variations of the Acer swift 3 have Intel middle i-series processors. They may be simply starting to transport every day the daily Kaby Lake technology chipsets, but the model we had been sent had the previous Sky lake technology alternatively: a middle i5-6200U instead of the i5-7200U which is now every day be had via Acer’s internet site.

The Core i5-6200U is a dual-core chipset clocked at 2.3GHz. It’s the sort of chip utilized by lots of more costly machines, offering excellent transportable productiveness electricity and day-to-day trendy responsiveness. The i5-7200U is a 2.5GHz chip which boasts daily.1GHz and every day is around 15-20 percent quicker.

The use of an SSD as opposed to a day-to-day pressure is essential for widespread home windows 10 pace, which means the swift 3 feels almost precisely like a slim every day costing twice the charge. You’ll truly get this with the cheaper center i3 model of the quick 3 every day, the primary difference between the processors being their rapid frequency.

Our test model scored 2594 in day-to-day Mark 8 that is the performance we count on. Amusingly, its overall performance is truly substantially higher than that of a whole lot pricier Acer fast 7, due to the fact that gadget uses a Y-collection processor designed daily minimize strength use and heat.

Written by Mike T.