How To Write Your First Blog Post

Lately, a pal asked me a question that any commercial enterprise that begins running a blog will answer; what should your first post be approximate?  That first put up is terribly critical, because of its units the tone for the weblog, now not just for the readers, but for the writers as properly. From the reader’s point of view, I would need to peer 4 areas included in your first blog post:


First Blog Post


Who you’re

Tell me approximately your enterprise; however also introduce me to the weblog’s writers.  Proportion photos.  The more data approximately you and your commercial enterprise which you are inclined to a percentage, the less difficult it will be for me as a reader to consider you.  That is much unnoticed with the aid of many organizations but we want to look pics of the humans that work on your business and greater importance, the ones to be able to be writing for the blog.  It helps us perceive and connect with them!

Why you are blogging

Probably the maximum crucial question you may answer, as it will pressure you to spell out your intentions to your audience.  And as usually, recall your audience while answering this query, ask yourself, ‘why would someone come to this weblog, what could they be looking for?’  Trace: they gainers be coming in your blog so that you can market to them.  Perhaps you want to proportion your thoughts for your enterprise with your readers, or maybe you want to train them a way to do a positive set of skills that tie into your commercial enterprise.  Some other way to consider that is to invite you ‘what’s in it for the reader?’


What will you be blogging about?

Answering the above question makes this one a lot easier to reply.  Will you be blogging approximately your commercial enterprise, or possibly the lifestyles of your clients?  Spell out the content on your weblog in order that I know what to expect when I arrive.  And keep in mind that this can also serve as a ‘bookmark’ on your writers to preserve them focused on what the intention of your weblog is.


 How I can leave feedback.

Tell me how I can be involved.  Can I go away feedback?  Do you inspire comments?  What if I want to email you?  Spell out exactly how I’m able to touch you and don’t be afraid to inspire feedback or even disagreement.  In truth, this would be a very good region to formally spell-out your comment policy, which once more can serve as a reference tool in your writers as nicely.  But do everything you may to ensure that my feedback is appreciated, and endorsed.

Written by Mike T.