15+ Fitness Blog Name Ideas

Thinking up inventive fitness blog name ideas can be difficult. Possibly you have a couple of thoughts, yet none of them appear to be very right. What’s more, nobody needs to make due with a name they aren’t altogether content with (or transform it a half year down the line).

Settling on fitness blog names is a major advance – your name is seemingly the absolute most critical component of your image. So it merits putting a brief period and exertion into picking the correct one.

15+ Fitness Blog Name Ideas

In this article, we’ll walk you through the correct strides to finding the ideal name for your fitness blog. From conceptualizing imaginative plans to ensuring it’s not officially taken by another person, we have the whole procedure secured.


Brainstorming Fitness Blog Names

The initial step is to brainstorm keywords, so make a rundown of words identified with your blog. Picking the ideal name for your fitness blog includes beginning enormous, and afterward diminishing your alternatives until the point that you have the perfect word blend. When you’re brainstorming fitness blog names, it puts forth the following questions.

What will influence your wellness to blog unique in relation to others? Thinking about these as ‘upper hands’, ‘novel offering focuses’ (USPs), or ‘purposes of distinction’. Cases may incorporate being an expert in one zone of fitness, for example, utilitarian or yoga.

How would you need your group of onlookers to feel when they visit your blog? You may need them to encounter sentiments of being roused, spurred, quiet, empowered, or moved forward.

What is your center item or administration advertising? Be watchful here, you would prefer not to name your blog after an administration that you drop in 2 years, so just incorporate things that are vital to your plan of action or you’re resolved to a long haul. These could be things like exercise recordings, work out schedules, or supper designs.

What esteems do you need your blog to remain for? Consider the sort of practices you’d need your blog to have on the off chance that it was a man. Cases here may be ‘Solid’, ‘Inviting’, ‘Honest to goodness’, ‘Carefree’, or ‘Comprehensive’.

Record no less than 3 watchwords for each inquiry, with the goal that you have 12+ altogether. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to get extremely imaginative and develop these thoughts.

Here is a cluster of fitness blog name ideas that may start for you.

1.Sweat N’ Spandex

2. Fit and Fabulous

3. One More Rep

4. Flex For Fun

5. Gatekeepers of the Gluteus

6. Press Woman

7. Fit and Fierce

8. Can’t Stop The Sweat

9. Smoothies and Spandex

10. Muscles and Mason Jars

11. Star [Jump] Wars

12. Love to Lunge

13. Funnies and Fitness

14. Muscles and Mimosas

15. Day by day Dose of Fit

16. See Jack Run

17. Spandex and Sparkles

Written by Mike T.