HTC One M9 Review

The HTC One M8 and unique One have been both top notch handsets, the last a victor of the Trusted Reviews’ cell phone of the yr Award in 2013. The past styles in the one territory had been both seemingly higher than their Samsung and Apple partners at the time, yet the resistance has in light of the fact that stuck up, to say the very least. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have bought a shed load and Samsung has placed its flimsy-design woes to a mattress with the sturdier glass and steel Galaxy S6 and S6 area.

Does the HTC One M9 stay as much as its predecessors? HTC has opted in opposition to a complete layout-overhaul, choosing evolution instead of revolution. Layout-clever it has lots of commonplace with the one M8 and the display screen is almost same. Most of the people of the hardware developments come within the way of a new digital camera, processor, and a bigger battery, while HTC’s version of Android has had a makeover with sense 7.

This all results in a great cellphone with a few clear areas of improvement. But, neither the new rear camera nor the battery lifestyles live up to their respective promises. And this isn’t completely surprising.

Nevertheless, that is nonetheless a stable flagship and it proves how a ways HTC has come within the closing 2 or 3 years that we hold its merchandise to such high requirements and extreme stages of scrutiny.


HTC One M9 Review


HTC One M9: Design

The HTC One M9 is to the only M8 what the iPhone 5S is to the iPhone 5. It stocks the identical simple design and display because the HTC One M8, however, some small modifications set it apart from final year’s handset.

The most immediately great of these tweaks is the new two-tone layout. The trio of two-tone color schemes to be had from launch will see a gold or silver handset joined by means of gold on gold and gunmetal on grey offerings.

In which the gain of the one M8 curved round to the screen, the M9 has a ridge connecting the front to the rear. The front of the handset appears although it’s been shoehorned into the back, the gain is that HTC has been able to cast off the skinny plastic area between the display screen and the body.

HTC One M9: Screen

HTC has urged clear of the 2K bandwagon and stuck with a 1080p (complete HD) screen for the one M9. It’s nearly identical to the one sported by using its predecessor, albeit with thinner bezels.

2K displays have two times the decision of complete HD. which means that textual content and pix are sharper. But does this make a difference on a five-inch display screen? Now not sufficient to count number. The human eye can handiest see so much and you need to try very difficult to identify a pixel on the HTC One M9. A pixel density of 441ppi makes it far sharper than the 326ppi Retina show on the iPhone 6, a show that’s excellent in its very own proper.

In different words, now not being 2K isn’t a trouble. We’ll take the energy savings a lower decision display screen gives over a negligible boom in sharpness.


HTC One M9: Speakers and sound quality

It’s not till you listen to a decent pair of audio system on a smartphone which you recognize pretty how worthwhile there. Integrated a movie with all the detail of the heritage music available and actors sound integrated like they are a luxury hardly ever had at the move.

The one M9 keeps with the way of life built-in integrated built integrated the front-integrated stereo audio system with amp, and Dolby Audio that betters its predecessors and blows away the opposition.


HTC One M9: Performance

Qualcomm’s 800-collection processors dominated 2014 flagships, and with correct reason. The Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, and Sony Xperia Z3 all packed a critical wallop and made mincemeat of extreme 3-D games and processor-hungry HD video conversion.

The 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 the only M9 totes is Qualcomm’s modern-day and finest and offers twice the quantity of cores of the M8’s 801. Two times the strength, then? It doesn’t pretty paintings that manner, I’m afraid.




Written by Mike T.