The correct computer for journey includes overall performance, battery existence, connectivity and a light-weight layout. The new LG Gram 15 for 2018 has all of it however at a severe cost.

The quest to create the flawlessly skinny and mild PC that still promises on performance is going on and LG has updated its flagship Ultra book with Intel 8th-gen and greater. Here’s our LG Gram 15 (2018) review.







Combining pinnacle-give up specs and lightweight layout comes at a price and the LG Gram 15, like ultimate yr’s model (Z980) is eye-wateringly steeply-priced. The Gram 15 for 2018 starts at $1,749 which is already plenty. However, it goes as much as $1,999 if you want the pinnacle-stop version.

We’re reviewing the most steeply-priced LG Gram 15 right here and whilst the computer is to be had from Amazon in the US, it’s a lot harder to locate in the United Kingdom. As with remaining year’s model, you’ll need to get it from Ultra book for a whopping £2,279.

Its clean then that isn’t always a pc for the hundreds, with LG telling us it’s aimed toward enterprise males and females aged 30-40 who want a lightweight and long-lasting device. Probably, those people have salaries that could deal with the price tag.

This price remains inexpensive than the pinnacle-give up Mac Book seasoned with Touch bar, which is £2,699 with preceding gen Intel and 1/2 the storage.

Back in the windows world and a key rival is the Dell XPS 15, wherein the old model will save you round a grand and the new 2018 version is still plenty inexpensive – if you do not mind something a honest bit heavier that is.

A key rival that has very comparable specifications and a nonetheless lightweight design is the Lenovo Yoga 920 which begins at £1,199 (£1,349 for the closer rival). Then there is always Microsoft’s very own floor computer at £979, which is likewise light with respectable specifications.




It’s not unusual in the computer market for new fashions to include the equal design as preceding generations, with new internals. And that’s essentially the case here with the new LG gram 15 for 2018.

Usual there are best minor tweaks to the design so you’d must be pretty eagle-eyed to identify the variations.

On the lid is a ‘gram’ logo in place of ‘LG’, the webcam has been moved and energy key appears a chunk distinctive. The latter is due to the fact LG has introduced a fingerprint scanner and another way to lengthy into windows.

Tweaks aside, the layout of the LG gram 15 is once more all about how a great deal it weighs.

We had been amazed on the previous version coming in at 1.08kg, a staggering determine for a 15in computer. The 2018 version is a shade heavier but nonetheless an impressive 1.1kg – LG says you could deliver it with two arms and it is now not wrong.

For context, the Mac Book pro is 1.83kg and the Dell XPS 15 is almost double the gram at 2kg. However there are some nearer opponents just like the Lenovo Yoga 920 at 1.37kg and the surface computer at 1.25kg.

So if you need an amazingly light laptop then the LG gram 15 virtually is a the front runner, and is to be had in smaller or even lighter fashions too.

On the way to save weight, LG eschews a strong metal construct like many opponents. rather, the gram 15 is made from a ‘nano carbon magnesium’ – an alloy that feels more like plastic than steel but is supposedly navy-grade and passed seven distinct assessments.

The reality is that the computer is bendy, especially the lid, but this is the exchange-off to have the lightweight end result. We like the gunmetal gray finish that has a mild texture to it.

Another time, the bezels around the display are very small making the computer look modern and smooth; however additionally feel like a smaller pc than a usual 15in model.

As stated earlier, the webcam has moved and is now above the screen in place of nestled into the hinge underneath. It a miles extra suitable placement and is so small you might not even word it.



The keyboard at the LG gram 15 for 2018 is the same as its predecessor, bar the fingerprint scanner now embedded into the power key. it works without a doubt properly and is a lot quicker than typing a password.

Average it is a fairly first rate keyboard but it is nothing special. It’s a chic let style keyboard with a dedicated num pad to the right. So that it will are available for a few but it does mean the main component is shifted to the left in place of being primary, which takes a bit of having used to.

There may be nothing that gets on our nerves too much, but undergo in thoughts that some keys which include enter are quite small and the layout is US. At this rate it’s no wonder that the keyboard is backlit and you could pick from one-of-a-kind levels of brightness.

Shifting onto the track pad which is similar to earlier than, so it is an inexpensive size, suitably responsive and supports multi-finger gestures. It’s first rate and we are pleased LG has constant the difficulty we had earlier than wherein the track pad would regularly confuse -finger scrolling for zooming – mainly demanding whilst surfing the net.



The display is one place that hasn’t had an improve, so if you have final yr’s gram 15 then the experience goes to live the identical.

It is a decent display screen and this model is 15.6in, despite the computer being compact and insanely light as we’ve got precise. it is nevertheless complete HD (1920 x 1080) and although you might need 4K at this rate, it is now not massively needed and could handiest drain the battery faster.

The display is an IPS panel so offers properly viewing angles and something you are doing on the gram 15 seems crisp and colorful. It’s also contact touchy which we find extra useful on a pc in recent times, especially for scrolling – the characteristic just is not ideal right here with the bendy lid.

there’s most effective honestly more than one small downsides right here and that’s the reflective coating and the truth it’s most brightness is 255cd/m that’s good enough for indoor utilization but desires to be plenty higher for harsher situations.



One of the headline enhancements right here is, of route, the inclusion of a new Intel 8th-generation processor. The LG gram 15 Z980 comes with a core i7-8550U which runs at 1.8GHz and can faster boost up to 4GHz. not simplest is it faster than the previous era, but jumps to quad-center and 8 threads. The marginally less expensive version noted in advance has a middle i5-8250U instead.

Once more you get 16GB of RAM (2x 8GB) – it is quicker DDR4 2400MHz, too – however now the LG gram 15 comes with a 1TB of garage which is double ultimate 12 months. It’s truly masses of space for most people and comes inside the form of two 512GB SSDs (M.2 SATA).

As you may see in our benchmark consequences, the brand new model affords respectable profits over remaining yr. The soar in Geek bench 4 is mainly astonishing, despite the fact that the Yoga 920 with the same chip scores even better. Nevertheless, you’re getting computing device-sequel performance right here from a cell chip.



Remaining year’s gram 15 positioned out a incredible battery performance of 12 hours. A key statistic while looking at a computer designed for journeying, while you may be far away from electricity sources with which to price the tool.

This 12 months LG has managed to in shape a good bigger battery internal – 72Wh up from 60Wh – and claims the 15in model can last as long as 16.five hours (the 13.3in model a whopping 22.five hours). It really is sincerely fantastic, particularly while you consider that the computer is only marginally heavier than earlier than and batteries are not exactly mild.

In our regular video loop check with the screen brightness set to 120cd/m (60 percent in this situation), the LG gram 15 lasted an excellent 15 hours and forty eight minutes. Almost 4 hours longer than its predecessor is a noteworthy improvement.

However, a few inexpensive rivals who might be simplest a little bit heavier can outdo the gram 15. As an example, the Microsoft surface pc can manipulate sixteen hours within the same check and the Lenovo Yoga 920 is going even similarly at sixteen hours 45 mines.



It is common for skinny and mild laptops to come with next to no connectivity in recent times but it is not the case here. Like the previous version, LG has ensured you get plenty of physical ports so that you do not get frustrated with having to use numerous adapters or even changing your add-ons.

To this stop, the LG gram 15 offers 3 USB three. Zero ports, HDMI, micro SD, headphone and USB-C. That is much like the preceding model however the latter is now used for Thunderbolt three that means you can switch data a great deal faster or maybe use it to attach a 4K display.

LG also consists of a USB-C to Ethernet adapter and the USB-C port is not wanted for charging with continues it loose. Rather, LG opts for a conventional DC connector.

There are stereo audio system rated at a combined 3W and they’re pretty poor, which isn’t always a wonder for a chassis like this. You may want to utilize the DTS Headphone X port which gives a surround sound like revel in.


Written by Mike T.