Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

Massive phones weren’t big until the unique Samsung Galaxy note got here alongside. Its radical resizing of the smartphone became bonkers to some, however a revelation to others. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 proves that Samsung nevertheless makes big smartphones nicely, in preference to just stretching a smaller smartphone to a larger length. It’s were given stiff competition from the HTC 10, incoming Nexus devices and the Galaxy S7 aspect; however, the Note7 is the only to beat – despite the fact that its fee can maximum effectively be described as eye-watering.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Design and Build

For the primary time, Samsung has released a phone with handiest the choice of a twin-curved-area display screen. This isn’t just like the Galaxy S6 and S6 area, nor the notice five and Galaxy S6 edge Plus. Samsung is supplying you with one curvaceous option and pronouncing that the curved-facet ‘test’ is now whole. That is the direction the Korean organization desires to take.

I wouldn’t be amazed if subsequent year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 takes a comparable technique and ditches the flat version, going curvy all of the manners. The Galaxy Note 7 is the pinnacle of Samsung’s design and is the culmination of the entirety the corporation’s discovered when you consider that ditching fake-leather-based and plastic disguised as metallic.

The curved display is the headline trait, however even that’s come an extended way because it changed into first used on the sick-fated Galaxy observe side. It’s even been advanced over the one at the Galaxy S7 facet, because the curve is less apparent and, well, less curvy. It juts down at a steeper attitude and takes less display real estate away; however, it’s simply as ever.

Following the curve at the front is a similar roundedness to the lower back, which changed into a small layout alteration delivered to the Galaxy Note 5. The largest achievement right here is just how cozy the smartphone feels, thinking about it has a 5.7-inch display. It’s smaller in every size than each the iPhone 6S Plus and Huawei Nexus 6P, making it less complicated to preserve and use than both of those phones.

The Note series has constantly been advertised as more of an ‘enterprise’ device, and while that is simply advertising communicate that isn’t, in reality, applicable, it feeds into the layout. The Note 7 is extra instantly and boxy than the rounded Galaxy S7 brothers, that are a touch greater fun to take a look at.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Display

Another large draw of the note 7 is its large 5.7in superb AMOLED show. Its resolution of two, 560 x 1,440 may provide it a coarser pixel density of 515ppi in comparison to its S7 cousins – which percent the identical resolution into smaller five.1in and five.5in monitors – however, the difference in sharpness wasn’t visible to my eyes once I compared them aspect by means of the side.

As I have come to expect from Samsung’s wonderful AMOLED era, image quality at the word 7 is top notch. The display screen covers a full a 100% of the sRGB coloration gamut, and its natural zero.00cd/m2 black levels make sure text stays darkish and inky when you’re surfing the web or analyzing an e-book. Likewise, with an effectively perfect comparison, pictures have plenty of element and viewing angles are remarkable.

The notice 7’s automated brightness has also acquired a widespread boost in pleasant, as it now has an ambient mild sensor on each the front and back of the handset. This lets in it to set the screen brightness more as it should be than other phones that simplest have a sensor at the front, but it’s no longer all because the be aware 7’s automated brightness is also capable of reach a lot better ranges than some other cellphone I have tested.

Like Samsung’s other flagship telephones, the automated brightness works through permitting the screen to enter a form of “overdrive” mode in really excessive ambient-light conditions, boosting the brightness above ordinary stages whilst you’re in direct daylight, as an instance. I examined this by means of shining a brilliant torch without delay on the cellphone’s front and rear light sensors.

Admittedly, I in no way located the Apps edge, which lists up to two rows of extra shortcuts, especially useful. I found it quicker for me to just swipe to their vicinity on the home web page. The human beings edge is a chunk more practical, offering immediate access to your maximum-used contacts, permitting you to name, text and electronic mail them with multiple faucets. However, even as you may additionally location comparable shortcut widgets immediately on the home display, it makes you surprise whether the threshold screens definitely make matters more convenient. It could be a bit awkward to wrap your fingers around it while you’re preserving it in only one hand.

Written by Mike T.